2017 Photo Contest Winners

The Best of the Prettyboy Photo Contest

PWA is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Best of the Prettyboy Photo Contest.  Many thanks to all who submitted an entry!

2017 Photo Contest 1st Place

Katie White's 1st Place submission, "Relecting Waters," to the 2017 Best of the Prettyboy Photo Contest.

We received over 50 entries of photos of the Prettyboy Watershed's land, rivers, streams, wildlife and people.  Each entry was unique in its own way. All gave voice to the importance of PWA's work and commitment to protect and restore the waters of the Prettyboy watershed and ultimately the Chesapeake watershed.

2017 Photo Contest 2nd Place

Scott LIntz's 2nd Place submission, "Relax and Reflect," to the 2017 Best of the Prettyboy Photo Contest.

We received submissions that conveyed a broad range of important messages; from the serenity of the waters, the beauty of the landscape, to the interaction of man and animal on the land.

2017 Photo Contest 3rd Place

Scott Lintz's 3rd Place submission, "Prettyboy Blue," to the 2017 Best of the Prettyboy Photo Contest.

Congratulations to our Best of the Prettyboy photo contest winners and honorable mentions:

1st Place - Katie White of Taneytown, MD, with Reflecting Waters.

2nd Place - Scott Lintz, of Sparks, MD, with Relax and Reflect.

3rd Place - Scott Lintz, of Sparks MD, with Prettyboy Blue.

Honorable Mention - Dottie Hicks, of Parkton, MD, with Autumn at Prettyboy.

Honorable Mention - George Lang, of Parkton, MD, with Where .

Honorable Mention Selections:

2017 Photo Contest Honorable Mention 1

Dottie HIcks' Honorable Mention, Autumn at Prettyboy.

2017 Photo Contest Honorable Mention 2

George Lang's Honorable Mention, Mrs. Ellie's Farm.

It is our hope that this contest inspires us all!  Take some photos of your own and participate in next year's BEST OF THE PRETTYBOY Photo Contest!

Thank You to Our Contest Judges:

Kathie Pieper is a resident of the Prettyboy Watershed for 15 years.  A biochemical engineer, now retired from Proctor and Gamble after 36 years, she is an experienced amateur photographer.  Her business, Stone Pony Restoration, specializes in custom digital restoration and preservation of cherished photographs.

Gary Lee, owner of Surrendered Images Photography, specializes in photographing weddings and enjoys producing images of those who really love one another. In his spare time, he photographs animals, flora, water birds, anything around the water, and several professional music artists. He and is wife, Marsha, have lived in Hampstead for over twenty years, raising a son and two daughters.