About Us ...

The Prettyboy Watershed Alliance is a citizen-led group of local residents committed to protecting and restoring our land and our streams that drain to the Prettyboy Reservoir. Our mission is to promote landowner stewardship, build public-private partnerships and advocate watershed protection and restoration.

Since 2003 we have engaged hundreds of landowners in various events to fulfill these goals. In addition we offer educational materials to those interested in finding out what they can do to improve the health of the watershed and in particular, the water quality of streams on their property. 

We are an all-volunteer group that counts on the support of citizens like you!  Please consider volunteering a few hours of your time or making a donation to help us in our work. We also welcome inquiries from residents who may be interested in attending our meetings, joining our Board or just asking a question. To read more about us check out the sidebar links.