Educational Materials

Here are links to sites of interest:

Plant related topics:

  • Bay Wise program "Better water quality through smarter gardening".  Sponsored by the University of Maryland Extension Service.
  • Soil Testing - Why fertilize if you don't need to?
  • Invasive Plants - Plant Invaders of Mid-Atlantic Natural Areas.  Great pictures plus control methods are given.
  • Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping. One of the BEST publications regarding native plants for the Mid-Atlantic region is now available online.  Photos are in color and an easy guide lets you know if the plant is suited for shade or sun, dry soil or moist, sandy, loamy or clay soil, etc.


Water related topics:

  • Rain Barrels - A guide with lots of information and where to buy on the web. Here is an Anne Arundel County source.
  • Rain Gardens - A guide published be a local Annapolis group - plus you can visit their site and look at various types of rain gardens. Also see this guide published by This Old House magazine.


Neighboring watershed groups:


The Prettyboy Watershed Restoration Action Strategy (WRAS)

  • The WRAS is a collaborative effort between Baltimore County, Carroll County, York County, Baltimore City, MD Dept. of Natural Resources and PWA. The two volume report details the goals for a healthier watershed and the strategies for achieving those goals.