Fewer Invasives

Invasives may be our biggest threat.  Walking on your property or in the woods you can't help but notice the grapevine, honeysuckle, oriental bittersweet, mile-a-minute, etc climbing up and over the trees and shrubs. Japanese stilt grass grows so densely that "emergent" hardwoods cannot emerge.  Listed below are some of the worst we deal with.  A link is given for each that brings up one webpage listing information (including a good photo and eradication methds ) for each plant.

There are eradication methods that are safe - hand pulling works for lots of these invasives if the infestation is not too large. Otherwise herbicides like Round Up (glyphosate) are recommended.  However do not use Round Up by a stream - it contains a detergent that is harmful to water creatures.  Instead use Rodeo (essentially Round Up without the detergent).


Autumn Olive - click here.     Garlic Mustard - click here.     Honeysuckle - click here and here.     Japanese Barberry - click here.     Mile-a-Minute - click hereMultiflora Rose - click here.     Norway Maple - click here.     Oriental Bittersweet - click hereStiltgrass - click here.     Thistle - click here.     Tree of Heaven - click here.     Wineberry - click here.


Native Alternatives:      Herbaceous Forbs - click here.     Shrubs - click here.     Trees - click here.     Vines - click here.