The Prettyboy Resource Collaborative

Prettyboy Resource Collaborative -

A special project of the Prettyboy Watershed Alliance

What is the Collaborative and what can it do for You?

The Prettyboy Resource Collaborative is a new idea for helping landowners manage their land.  In the past,  property owners were on their own for trying to improve their forests and farmland.  Owners of smaller parcels, especially, often had difficulty getting access to companies and resources.  No management, no income.    A collaborative approach creates a community of land stewards who benefit from working together.

The PWA is working with Collaborative partners to leverage technical and financial resources to help landowners implement projects that improve the quality of their land and that save money and/or return income.  The Collaborative will help landowners work together and navigate the maze of agency programs.

For example, if you and/or neighbors in Baltimore County have a total of one acre or more of adjacent mowed land that is not being used, we can reforest the land and save you money on mowing.  Projects include complete design, site preparation, planting and sheltering of trees, and 3 years of maintenance, all at no cost to you (funded by your stormwater remediation fees).  No easements or restrictions on the use of your land are required.  The Collaborative can also help assess the health of multi-owner forests and recommend healthy-forest practices that can return income.  

The Collaborative will develop projects for farmers that can bring income from practices that help reduce nutrient and sediment runoff to streams.  We will also work to help with control of deer and invasive plant species that degrade our forests.    

Projects are underway now!  For more information about how you can work with the PWA and the Prettyboy Resource Collaborative to enhance your land, contact:  Karole Lynne Wolfe, PWA Outreach Coordinator, at or 410-239-0640. 

How does this impact you as a landowner?

• Are you a landowner in the Prettyboy watershed who has a lot of grass that you don’t use but have to spend time and money to mow?
• If you own woodlands, do you know if they are healthy?  
• Are you a farmer who wants to hear ideas about getting paid to better manage your land?
• Would you be interested in getting help to work with neighbors to save money or get income while improving your land?
The Prettyboy Resource Collaborative might be able to help!  

The Collaborative Partners           

Prettyboy Watershed Alliance
Baltimore County
Carroll County
Baltimore City
York County, PA
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
MD Dept. of Agriculture
MD Dept. of the Environment MD
Dept. of Natural Resources
Mar-Len Environmental, Inc.
Glatfelter Pulp Wood Co.
Find Your Niche, LLC
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School 

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