Baltimore Environmental Police

Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 1:06pm

Their name has changed from the Watershed Rangers to the Baltimore Environmental Police but their function remains the same. They will patrol the Baltimore City owned property that surrounds the Prettyboy Reservoir. However they can also act to enforce the laws of Maryland and the City and County of Baltimore in areas off reservoir property. They are commissioned police officers that will be looking out for illegal boating, swimming, dumping, ATV use, camping and drug and alcohol use. In addition the rangers will wear a second hat. They will serve as an educational resource for resident and visitors and will be available to answer questions about the watershed.

For Emergency Assistance, always call 911.  To report non-life threatening incidents, suspicous or illegal activity 24/7, pleaase call 410-517-3600.

Note that the fire roads have been numbered so you can use this information to direct the rangers to a particular site.