Volunteer ...

PWA is always looking for individuals to join our team of dedicated volunteers. If you contact us and let us know (in the message box on the Contact Us page) that you want to be updated regarding volunteer events we will automatically send out an email for an upcoming event.

Typical events include our stream waders program, tree plantings and stream clean-ups (for additional information click on the sidebar links).

We also need individuals that will consider becoming board members. Anyone who can devote time and will strive to keep the Prettyboy as a place of beauty and recreation for our future generations is encouraged to join us.

Our native brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) shown below, is one reason we need your help  This is our only native freshwater trout species and it is disappearing. Their populations have declined 90% across the state primarily because they need cool water (shaded streams) and sediment and pollutant free water (occurs when streams have at least 35 feet of tree/shrub buffers). They are also declining in our area - while a few of our streams still have this species their numbers are not increasing.  Because they truly are the "canary in the coal mine" we need to ensure that our streams support them -only then can we be sure that our streams are healthy!