Volunteer to plant trees

All of our tree planting events this spring are private school events. Plan to volunteer with PWA at the many new Tree Planting Events planned for next Fall!

The Prettyboy Watershed is only about 34% forested and the emergent understory (the forest our children will inherit) is threatened by invasive plants and the increasing deer population. Watersheds that are 37% forested are considered "fair", 45% forested "good" and 51% forested (or greater) "excellent".  The writing on the wall is clear - we need to start increasing our forested land.

Landowners contact us who have several acres that they would like to see planted in trees/shrubs.  However to do this we need YOU - it's easy to plant several acres if enough volunteers show up.

Please contact us if you are interested.  We can then generate an email list of "tree planting" people we can notify if a project comes up. If enough volunteers respond then we can go ahead and schedule the project.